November 2018 Ride Schedule



Please check the General Ride Information page for important details about our rides!




 November 2018 Ride Schedule

   We have no rides scheduled for November but we will continue having “Flash” Rides as we did last year.  If the weather is good enough (temperature higher than 45° and not raining), anyone who is interested in leading a ride on ANY day of the week should call or text our Road Captain, Randy Williams at 330-966-2460 or 330-575-4224 or Randy will then send out an e-mail to the members giving the ride information.  You still may see e-mails from Jerry and Doug for rides on Wednesdays and Fridays so be sure to check your e-mails if the weather looks good. 


*****Please call the Ride Leader or Road Captain if you have any questions about a ride or need directions to the starting location.*****