September 2017




We received very tragic news on Friday, August 25th.  Dale Wages, our friend and FOS member passed away unexpectedly at work.  We send our deepest sympathies to Dale’s wife, Elaine and her entire family.  Dale was a wonderful guy, a kind gentleman and he will be greatly missed.  Elaine, please know we are here to support you in any way we can.


At our ride planning meeting, Tues., Aug. 22nd, we had a good discussion about bicycle safety.  We decided that we would begin each ride with a quick “safety tailgate”.  Our ride leaders will describe the route and any trouble spots we may encounter.  They may also have reminders about safety expectations and riding your bicycle as you would a car, obeying all traffic signs and signals.  We want to enjoy our road rides but we have to be vigilant in keeping ourselves and our fellow riders safe.  Anytime you have a suggestion about riding safer, please be sure to let your ride leader know.


We also had a conversation about ride cancellations.  I am so sorry that a few folks did not get my e-mail about cancelling the W. Salem ride.  Normally, if the ride starts near Canton/Massillon we would just take our chances on starting a ride with questionable weather.  When the start of the ride is at a more remote location we try to cancel in enough time so no one makes a long drive for a rained-out ride.  If you see a weather forecast for rain or storms please call the ride leader listed for that ride.  They will decide if the ride will be cancelled.  I will still send out and e-mail and follow-up on Face Book but a call to the ride leader will be the most up to minute information for you.  Again, my apologies to Bob, Jim and Roger.


Our FOS picnic is Sept. 17th at the home of Leonard and Gretchen Epp, 2450 Belleflower Drive, Alliance 44601.  Leonard and Gretchen will lead us in a ride around Alliance at 2:00 PM and we will begin our picnic at 4:00 PM. The club will provide hamburgers, hot dogs and tableware.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share and a lawn chair.  I’m hoping we’ll get to see some great pictures of the Epp’s latest bicycle adventures! *** If the RIDE is cancelled due to rain the PICNIC will begin at 2:00 PM. ***We have a lot of really nice rides scheduled for September so I hope to see all of you soon.


Please be sure to check out our Facebook page, Folks on Spokes-Stark.  Keep up with all the FOS happenings.


Warm regards,