June 2019



Hi Folks,


We had a good ride planning meeting this past Tuesday.  We talked a lot about our Sunday trail rides and our Wednesday and Friday unscheduled rides.  It was decided that we will no longer schedule the Sunday trail rides.  Anyone who would like to lead a trail or road ride should send me, Jerry LaRocca or Doug Bower an e-mail (may be a good idea to send it to all three so it doesn’t get missed) with the information for your ride.   We will then send out an e-mail to all our members.  So, if you love trails, let us know if you want some company on your ride and be our ride leader.  If it’s a road ride you have in mind, let us know and we will invite our FOS members.  Please be on the lookout for these e-mails throughout the month.


On Saturday, June 8th Len and Gretchen Epp will be riding a 30-mile route in the Tour de Donut in New Wilmington, PA.  This is an opportunity for a fun and filling new ride ($25 registration; 10, 30 or 60 miles; start at 8:00 a.m. or later.  New Wilmington is about 1.5 hours from Canton.  The website for detailed ride information is:  Contact Len and Gretchen if you wish to join them and organize getting together for the ride and (if you are still hungry) an after-ride lunch/activity.  Len and Gretchen Epp (home 330-823-2655; cell 330-206-5820).  Sounds like fun!


Hope you have a fun, safe, holiday weekend and hope to see you on a ride soon.



Warm regards,