Club Philosophy and Mission Statement

March 2008


Folks On Spokes

A Bicycle Touring Club



The Folks On Spokes Bicycle Club was founded in January of 1997 by Jerry LaRocca and Doug Bower because we had a unique philosophy about bicycling that we wanted to promote.  We believe that bicycling has been a wonderful life-changing activity for us and remember that we were lucky to find several experienced cyclists who took the time to help us develop our cycling skills when we were new to the sport.

    We decided to start a bicycle club dedicated to “giving back” to the sport of bicycling by having a mission statement of helping the new bicyclist get started.  Thus the club has a strict policy of only offering rides at a “moderate” pace of 10 to 12 mph traveling together in a group.  No one is ever left behind to ride alone.  If a rider has a mechanical problem or a flat tire, everyone stops and helps fix the problem.  Generally, we do not ride if the temperature is below 40º or it is raining. The important thing on our rides is the good of the entire group while caring for the individual rider.    In addition, we wanted to promote the use of the bicycle as a means to having FUN and not just riding to see how fast we could go or how many miles we could accumulate.  Because of this, club rides often have interesting things to do or sights to see on the way.  On past rides we have toured the Schantz Pipe Organ Company in Orrville, the Warther Museum in Dover, visited the Steam Power Show in New Philadelphia, and have seen many other different museums and places of interest. We have held an annual day-trip to South Bass Island and Put-In-Bay or another Lake Erie Island.     We also love to eat!  In fact we have a joke in the club that we should change our name to “Forks On Spokes”.  On our longer Saturday morning rides, we always stop for lunch about half way into the ride.  After our Tuesday Evening Dinner Rides, we go out for dinner after riding 12 to 16 miles. And on our Sunday afternoon rides, it is very unusual for us to pass a custard stand without stopping.      Our active members have all become good friends.  In fact, we enjoy each other’s company so much that during the winter months, when we can not get out on our bikes, we still get together on Tuesday evenings for dinner someplace.    Many of our members go on week-long or week-end tours such as The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, the Tour of the Scioto River Valley or other bicycle tours held in Ohio and all around the country.  In the past, we have ridden two week self-contained tours in the Canadian Rockies and also the Loire River Valley Region in France.    We feel that Folks On Spokes has been successful in achieving our stated goals.  Many people who started out with us new to bicycling and barely able to ride 15 miles at a time have now graduated to become strong, fast, long distance riders able to complete 100 mile rides.   Non-members are always welcome on our rides! If you are interested in more information please call our President, Doug Bower at 330-833-9357.