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 Election Results

    We had our election of officers for 2019.  There were no nominations from the floor and our slate of officers was unanimously approved.  The officers for 2019 are as follows:

Folks on Spokes Officers for 2019

Office Held                              Name                                      Phone Number
President                                 Deborah Godfrey                     330-628-1434
Vice President                         Roger Gray                              330-309-6514
Secretary                                 Mary Ann LaRocca                  330-832-5963
Treasurer                                 Pam Feit                                  330-837-4574
Road Captain                           Randy Williams                        330-966-2460
Director                                    Cathy Bacher                           330-256-4221
Director                                    Jerry LaRocca                          330-832-5963
Director (Past President)          Douglas Bower                         330-833-9357
Directors for two-year term ending on 12/31/2020
                                                 Bob Marshall                            330-479-2981
                                                 Janice LaRocca                        330-832-5963

 Dues for 2019 are Now Due

     This is a reminder that our membership year ends on December 31st.  All club memberships will expire at the end of 2018.  You can download a club application form from our web site   If you would like to continue your membership for 2019 please fill out this form completely and send your check to our Treasurer, Pam Feit as soon as possible.  Our insurance carrier requires us to get updated release forms including signatures from all members once each year. 
   We no longer send out new membership cards each year.  Your membership card is good for as long as you are a member.  If, for some reason, you need a new card, please contact our Treasurer, and she will send you a new one.

 Groundhog Party and Ride Planning Meeting
   Our annual Groundhog’s Day Party will be held on Friday, February 1, 2019 at 6pm at the home of Ellen Payne-Thompson located at 7076 Willowlane Ave., NW in Massillon (Jackson Township). If you need directions, please call her at 330-854-1482.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share and be ready for our Woodchuck chorus. We will also be having a Ride Planning Meeting to plan our rides for the month of March 2019 this evening.  All members and their families are invited to attend this fun-filled evening!

 Tuesday Dinners

  We selected the restaurants for our Tuesday night dinners so mark your calendars!  Please be sure to let Mary Ann (330-705-1896 or ) know by the Monday evening before the dinner if you will attend.  You may text, e-mail or phone so that when Mary Ann calls for reservations on Tuesday morning she has an accurate count. 


December 11th 6:00 p.m. – Buffet Dynasty, 4422 Belden Village St. NW, Canton
January 8th 6:00 p.m. – John’s Bar, 2749 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton
January 22nd   6:00 p.m. – Maise Valley Winery and Craft Brewery, 6193 Edison St. NE, Hartville
***FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1st   6:00 p.m. – GROUND HOG’S DAY Potluck and Ride Planning Meeting for March at the home of Ellen and Ray Thompson***
February 19th 6:00 p.m. – Papa Bears, 4990 Dressler Rd. NW, Canton
March 5th 6:00 p.m. – Bugsy’s, 7936 Hills and Dales Rd. NW, Massillon
March 19th 6:00 p.m.- Kozmo’s, 37 1st St. SW, Massillon    **This is also our Ride Planning Meeting for April.**

 Club Merchandise

   We are ordering a new supply of our regular club t-shirts which are $8.00. If you would like to get a club shirt please contact any club officer.



Our 20th Anniversary Folks On Spokes T-Shirts, orange color ones are still available but only in size X-Lg. They cost $7 each. Just contact any of the club officers to get yours. We are also able to special order single shirts at any time.


We are ordering more of our club decals for the rear window of your automobile.  They have our club name and our club web address in addition to the “bike” logo and cost $10.00 each. 


Decals with a “recumbent” logo are SOLD OUT, but we can order one for you.. See Randy if you would like to purchase a recumbent decal.         


Randy Williams has arranged for an embroidery service for us through Beatty’s Sports in Louisville.  He has catalogues which you can borrow from him and then purchase any item and have it embroidered with “Folks on Spokes   Bicycle Club”.  You can choose any main color and any secondary color.  Some of us have already purchased embroidered hats for $10.00 plus tax using our local school colors.



You can also bring in any clothing item you already own and have our club name embroidered on it.  If you are interested in this service, please call Randy at 330-575-4224.

Club Insurance

Many people have asked about our club insurance policy and what it covers.  As an affiliate of the League of American Bicyclists we are eligible to participate in their Insurance Program administered by American Specialty.  You can go to their web site for more information.  We have general liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence and a general aggregate of $3,000,000 on a per event basis.  Only our members or guests who have completely filled out our membership/guest form and have signed them are covered.  This is why we require everyone to completely fill out and sign a new membership form each year. Also, ride leaders take note that you must have all guests completely fill out the Guest Rider Release on the back of our sign-in sheet or we will not be covered if they have an accident!!  Under our policy, our members/guests have Accident Medial Coverage of $10,000 per person per accident excess of a $500 per claim deductible and excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.  There is also Accidental Death & Dismemberment of $5,000 per person per accident.  For more information, please visit the League’s web site:


Bike Shop Discounts

Please patronize our local bike shops as they do offer a valuable service that mail order companies cannot; and don't forget that almost all area bicycle shops offer our members a 10% diacount on items purchased. Just tell them that you are a member of Folks on Spokes.


Web Page for Road Riders

A new website provides expert advice for road cyclists. concentrates on road riding, the resurgent side of cycling that has been on the back burner in the traditional bike media. It is the product of Ed Pavelka and Fred Matheny, life-long cycling writers and holders of a number of cycling records. Their site and publishing company specialize in expert "how to" advice for road cyclists. To open the flow of technique and training advice, the website presents numerous "how to" articles and other helpful information. The website offers free individualized answers to training and technique questions.



The League of American Bicyclists recently launched an electronic newsletter, available to members, clubs, advocacy organizations, the bicycle industry and other interested parties. The biweekly e-newsletter provides timely coverage of issues of importance regarding bicycling advocacy and education, news of the League and affiliated organizations (including a calendar of events), and other subjects of interest to cyclists. To be added to the distribution list or send news, please e-mail



Club Officers for 2018


Phone #
Term Expires
Deborah Godfrey
Roger Gray
Vice President
Mary Ann LaRocca
Pam Feit
Randy Williams
Road Captain
Cathy Bacher
Jerry LaRocca
Bob Marshall
Amy Simmons
Doug Bower (past president)