• We are a non-profit on-road bicycle touring club located in Jackson Township, Stark County, Ohio dedicated to providing group riding at a moderate, comfortable pace.


  • No rider will ever be left behind to ride alone!


  • Many of our rides will have some interesting thing to do in addition to bicycling.


  • We will help and encourage new and beginning riders develop their riding skills.


  • Our goal is to have FUN while bicycling! - It's not the miles per hour, but the SMILES per hour!


  • Non-members are always welcome on our rides.




Tuesday Evenings: We have a "Dinner Ride" where we ride about 14 - 16 miles and then go out to eat after the ride.


Wednesday Mornings: We often have unschduled road rides. An email is sent out to members.


Friday Mornings: We often have uncheduled trail rides. An email is sent out to members.


Saturday Mornings: We have a longer ride of 40 to 60 miles with a lunch stop on the way. Many of these rides have a second pick-up point for those who only like to ride 25 - 35 miles.


Sunday Afternoons: We have a shorter rides of about 12 to 16 miles in length.


Note: Generally, we do not ride if below 45 degress or if it is raining.